Clean Transportation

Automobile Propelled by Electric Motors


Tree Planting Exercise

President Uhuru Kenyatta Waters a Tree He Planted at Kenyatta National Hospital


Smart Agriculture

Drip Irrigation Technologies


The Capital City, Nairobi

Nairobi Is The Capital City Of Kenya, Its Considered A Business Hub For East And Central Africa


Geothermal Energy

Kenya Among World's Largest Generators Of Geothermal Energy


Turkwel Dam

The Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station, also Turkwel Dam, is an arch dam on the Turkwel River


Ngong Hills Wind Farm

A wind-powered power station in Kenya


Green Innovations

Inter & Intra City Electric Tram

The National Treasury

The National Treasury derives its mandate from the Constitution 2010, the Public Finance Management Act 2012 and the Executive Order No. 2/2013. The National Treasury will be executing its mandate in consistency with any other legislation as may be developed or reviewed by Parliament from time to time.

Mandate of the National Treasury

  • The core functions of the National Treasury as derived from the above legal provisions include;
  • Formulate, implement and monitor macro-economic policies involving expenditure and revenue;
  • Manage the level and composition of national public debt, national guarantees and other financial obligations of national government;
  • Formulate, evaluate and promote economic and financial policies that facilitate social and economic development in conjunction with other national government entities;
  • Mobilize domestic and external resources for financing national and county government budgetary requirements;
  • Develop policy for the establishment, management, operation and winding up of public funds;
  • Prepare the annual Division of Revenue Bill and the County Allocation of Revenue Bill;
  • Strengthen financial and fiscal relations between the national government and county governments and encourage support for county governments and
  • Assist county governments to develop their capacity for efficient, effective and transparent financial management, among others.

On the Climate Finance perspective, the National Treasury coordinates all matters climate finance.

The National Treasury’s Vision is to be “an Institution of excellence in economic and public financial management”.

The Mission is to promote economic transformation for shared growth through formulation, implementation and monitoring of prudent economic and financial policy at National and County levels of Government.

The mission will be realized through the following seven core values: customer focus; result oriented; stakeholder participation; professionalism; accountability; transparency and integrity; team work and commitment; recognition of staff as key asset; and equity, fairness and inclusion.