Clean Transportation

Automobile Propelled by Electric Motors


Tree Planting Exercise

President Uhuru Kenyatta Waters a Tree He Planted at Kenyatta National Hospital


Smart Agriculture

Drip Irrigation Technologies


The Capital City, Nairobi

Nairobi Is The Capital City Of Kenya, Its Considered A Business Hub For East And Central Africa


Geothermal Energy

Kenya Among World's Largest Generators Of Geothermal Energy


Turkwel Dam

The Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station, also Turkwel Dam, is an arch dam on the Turkwel River


Ngong Hills Wind Farm

A wind-powered power station in Kenya


Green Innovations

Inter & Intra City Electric Tram



IUCN's TWENDE Project ESMF (42 downloads)

National Policy on Climate Finance

PDF: NPCF - Kenya (518 downloads)

Climate Change Act – 2016

PDF: CCA-2016 (25 downloads)

Public Finance Management Act 2012

PDF: PFMA-2012 (23 downloads)

National Climate Change Action Plan

PDF: NCCAP (20 downloads)

National Adaptation Plan 2015-2030

PDF: NAP (25 downloads)

Green Economy Strategy & Implementation Plan

PDF: GESIP (22 downloads)

Paris Agreement

PDF: P.AGREEMENT (27 downloads)