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Procedure for Issuance of No Objection Letters in Kenya

The purpose of the noobjection procedure is to ensure consistency with national climate strategies and plans and country-driven approaches, and to provide for effective direct and indirect public and private sector financing by the Fund. A no-objection is a condition for approval of all funding proposals submitted to the Fund.


Proposed projects and programmes for GCF funding should be in line with Kenya’s GCF country programme and the priority actions in the NDCs, NCCAP and other national development plans.


Project concepts and funding proposals are subjected to an internal NDA technical review/screening against the GCF result areas and the country’s national priorities. The concepts/Funding proposals also undergo stakeholders’ consultation for review and ownership.


Inter-ministerial technical committee (IMTC) is also involved in review of concept notes and funding proposals.


Below is a description of a detailed procedure for getting no objection letter in Kenya:


  1. Applicant writes an application letter to the Principal Secretary (PS) of the National Treasury and attach a Concept Note/ Funding Proposal and requests for a letter of no objection from the NDA. The application letter must be accompanied by relevant supporting documentation.
  2. The NDA through the technical unit reviews documents shared by the applicant and cross checks to ensure they are aligned to Kenya’s legislative frameworks and priority areas;
  3. The NDA may requests for comments from relevant sector ministry and institutions or even convene an IMTC meeting to discuss the feasibility and priority of the proposal. The NDA may contact the applicant to seek clarification or request for more information. Discussions (written and verbal) may be held between the applicant and NDA;
  4. The proponent in collaboration with NDA office organises stakeholder consultations to review the concept note/proposal and get stakeholders input
  5. If the NDA concurs the concept note or proposal is line with Kenya’s priorities, Principal Secretary (PS) of the National Treasury will sign the letter of no objection.
  6. If the NDA concludes the concept note or proposal is not in line with Kenya’s priorities, the Principal Secretary (PS) of the National Treasury will write and sign a letter notifying the applicant that the application has been rejected. The Letter also cites reasons why the application has been rejected.
  7. The NDA submits copies of the signed letter of no objection and supporting documents to the GCF Secretariat and the applicant
  8. The applicant must include the signed Letter of no objection when submitting the concept or funding proposal to GCF
  9. The NDA maintains constant communication with the GCF Secretariat regarding the application;



The role of the NDA through the No-objection procedures include:

  1. Verify and confirm the concept notes and funding proposals are aligned to Kenya’s legislative frameworks and national priorities;
  2. Submit signed letter of no objection and application documents to GCF and follow up with GCF on the status of the application.
  3. Ensure consultative stakeholder participation is held for country ownership